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General López Pozas 10 / Dotacional

Private Services Buildings to Let or Sale located on General López Pozas nº10 st. and Bendición de Campos nº4 st.

Project info.

Year: 2017
Transaction Type: Lease and Sale Transaction
Asset Tipology: Private Services

Adress: General López Pozas 10
City: Madrid
Surface: 2.320 m2

Office Rent: 17,00 €/m2/month
Sales Price: 8.000.000 €

Available surfaces

Floor Surface GLP10 Surface BC4
Attic            54,28              -
        208,90              -
        208,90         190,56
        208,90         197,04
Ground Floor         227,57         192,51
Total s/r         908,55         580,11
Basement         587,16         244,48
Total Building       1.495,71         824,59


Private use complex of two interconnected buildings whose current activity is "sanitary equipment".

Its location, very close to Pº de la Castellana and Plaza de Castilla, make it a very interesting and attractive asset for the development of all kinds of activities that could fit within its authorized use.

It is a multi-storey building which comprises 2.320 m2. General López Pozas 10 comprises ​​1,500 m2 approx. (Basement + Ground Floor + 4) and Bendición de Campos comprises ​​800 m2 approx. (Basement + Ground Floor + 2). Both buildings are connected internally by the basement, being able to become one independent of each other.

Given its current use as a clinic, the complex has a high level of equipment and facilities for its activity, which represent an important value added for the development of similar or compatible activities that require these types of facilities that have a high cost of implementation. In this case, having such equipment, it would result in significant savings in terms of time and investment for all those tenants or final users who wants to develop the same activity.

Additionally to the facilities and installations of the building (air conditioning, etc.), there are also some medical equipment such as Magnetic Resonance or TAC that could be part of the negotiation if it were the interest of the tenant / buyer.