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RIVERPARK – Parcela RC8 – Mahou-Calderón Project / Commercial Premises

Project info.

TotalCommercial Area :
1,901.28 m2 approx.
Distributed in:

  • Street level: 1.347,25 m2 approx.
  • Second floor: 554.03 m2 approx.

Local rent:

  • Ground floor: 20.48 €/m2/month
  • Second floor: 10.24 €/m2/month

Community expenses, IBI and TRU:
to be paid by the tenant.

Availability: 2nd Semester 2023


  • Opportunity to lease a Commercial Premises located in the luxury residential RiverPark located in the Parcel RC-8 of the New Development Mahou-Calderón, an area where one of the most important transformation projects of the central area of Madrid is being carried out.
  • The premises will be located in the commercial first floor of a future new development located on the first line of Madrid Rio. In front of the premises there is a large park that offers the possibility of placing outdoor spaces (terraces) as a complement to its activity.
  • The area is very well connected, both by private transport, given its proximity to the entrance and exit of the M-30, as well as by public transport, thanks to the Metro stations of Pyramids (L5) and Marqués de Vadillo (L5), as well as the Pirámides commuter train station (C1 and C10).


  • It has a total built area of 1,901 m2, which can be leased entirely as a single premises with the following areas:
    1. First floor: 1,347 m2
    2. Floor 1a: 554 m2


  • The first floor of the premises has a wide facade of 65 meters approx. located in front of a pedestrian garden area with the possibility of a terrace.
  • Both floors are connected internally by stairs.


  • The premises will have one floor slab height:
    1. Second floor: 3.20 m.
    2. First floor: between 3,95 m. – 4,50 m. approx.


  • Possibility of parking spaces
  • The premises are delivered unfinished.
  • The rent requested by the property is 17.50 €/m2(33,272 €/month – 20.48 €/m2 ground floor and 10.24 €/m2 second floor).
  • Community expenses, IBI and TRU: to be paid by the tenant.
  • Availability: 2nd Semester 2023


Zone Analysis

  • As this is a newly developed area, the current supply of commercial space in the area is very limited.


  • Of the 6 buildings currently existing in the zone, 4 do not have commercial space (e.g. school, urbanization with perimeter garden fenced on the first floor, etc.).
  • The other two buildings have commercial spaces (small premises < 400 m2 approx.) that we consider would not really be comparable witnesses .


  • The Mahou-Calderón area will have more than 1,300 new homes.
  • This means that almost 3,000 new residents will arrive and will require a wide range of services that are currently non-existent.
  • It is important to highlight that the commercial area of plot RC7, located in front of plot RC8, will be occupied by a Mercadona.


  • Of the 200,000 m2 approx. In the Mahou-Calderón area, only 14,705 m2 (approx. 7%) will be for tertiary services .

  • Madrid Río is one of the busiest areas in the city.
  • The following transit through the area more than 3 Mill. people annually.
  • It is also the area of the city with the highest bicycle traffic.


  • There is a great demand for large commercial spaces (1,500-2,000 m2) within the M-30.
  • Large operators of supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, etc. have enormous problems in finding this type of large premises that meet their technical needs (height, accessibility, parking, smoke vent, etc.).
  • This new supply of space will meet these requirements in an area that will have almost 3,000 new residents who will require a variety of services that are currently scarce.
  • Plot RC8 is located in one of the most attractive areas of the area, on the first line of Madrid Rio, with a high traffic of potential people looking for leisure spaces and services.
  • The premises are located in a pedestrian area with a large park and offers the possibility of placing outdoor spaces (terraces) as a complement to its activity.
  • All vehicular traffic in the area will have to pass in front of the premises to access the M-30 North exit.


Commercial area:

  • P. Street: 1,347.25 m2 approx.
  • P1: 554.03 m2 approx.
  • Total: 1,901.28 m2 approx.
  • Location: In front of a large pedestrian area with the possibility of installing terraces.
  • Frontage: 65 linear meters approx.
  • Height: Between 3.90 and 4.5 m (10 and 15 ft.). approx.