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TC Gabinete Inmobiliario (TCGI) advises chef Mario Payán on the lease of his new premises in Madrid.

Mario Payán will move his Kappo concept to the premises of the luxury residential building located at 44 Bretón de los Herreros Street in the district of Chamberí – Madrid, which has an approximate area of 240 m2 and is scheduled to open next December.

Kappo, which literally means “cut and simmer”, is a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine, combining seven cooking techniques, a wide range of colors and a variety of unique products.

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The main objective of this restaurant is to provide a unique and comfortable dining experience, standing out for its incredible selection of fresh fish. Its nigiris, which include parrotfish, scallop, ventresca, red mullet, lemon fish, John Dory and even more unusual options such as whale, have gained a veritable legion of followers.

The interesting thing about Kappo is that it does not have a closed menu, but offers an omakase proposal, in which the chef takes control and prepares 15 to 20 dishes for each diner, adapting to their preferences and surprising them with every bite.

“Signing with Payán is the finishing touch to the marketing of this luxury residential development,” says Raúl Alonso, who is responsible for marketing the development. “This location had a lot of potential because it has a smoke vent and is outside Madrid’s acoustic and environmental protection zone. This development is an oasis within Chamerí,” adds Sergio Rodríguez, Office and Retail Director of TC Gabinete Inmobiliario (TCGI).