Llano Castellano 51 / Offices

Transaction info.

Year: 2019

Transaction Type: Sale of Leased Asset
Asset Type: Offices

Address: Llano Castellano 51
City: Madrid
Surface Area: 23.000 sqm

Investment Volume: 28,3 Mill. €
Investor: Azora


We advised the sale of a leased building in the street Llano Castellano 51, central headquarters of Grupo Cortefiel in Madrid.

The building owned by Socimi GMP, owned by the  Montoro family and by a sovereign wealth fund of Singapur, was acquired, with the help of our advice, by Azora, company that is specialized in investment and real estate asset management with a portfolio of more than 4,500 million euros in assets , which manage, among others, the real estate portfolios of different funds, such as George Soros, Goldman Sachs or Bank of Montreal.

The building occupied by Grupo Cortefiel since 1995, has a total surface of 23,000 sqm and 145 parking spaces.

The deal was closed in  28.3 Mill. € approx.