Maldonado 24 / Residential

Transaction info.

Year: 2019

Transaction Type: Sale
Asset Type: Residential

Address: Maldonado 24 St.
City: Madrid
Surface Area: 1,713 m2

Investment Volume: 8.5 Mill. €
Buyer: Ares


TC Gabinete Inmobiliario advised Ares Real Estate Group in the purchase of a residential building located at Maldonado 24 St., in Salamanca District, between the Velázquez and Príncipe de Vergara streets, in one of the most emblematic residential areas of Madrid.

The property comprises 1,713 m2 approx. with 3 retail premises and 14 households, most of them, with surface areas between 100 m2 and 120 m2.

The building was acquired by Ares, with the aim of undertaking its refurbish and subsequent leasing commercialization. The investment volume of the transaction amounted to 8,5 Mill. €