Tucuman Building / Commercialization

comercializacion edificio madrid

Transaction info.

Year: 2005 and 2014
Transaction Type: Lease
Asset Type: Offices

Adress: Glorieta Mar Caribe 1
City: Madrid
Surface Area: 6.500 m2

Lesser: Bigeco / CAM
Tenant: Repsol YPF / Aegis Media


Office building with 6.500 m² that since its construction, more than 15 years ago, has been leased two times, both advised by our company.

The first one in 2005, after having advised in the purchase of the plot land to Grupo Bigeco, promoter and builder of the building, when they appointed us to commercialize its 5.000 m² of office space and 1.500 m² of commercial space once completed. The commercialization was a great success since it was possible to lease the entire building before the construction works were finished. The office space was leased entirety to Repsol YPF and the commercial area, divided into 3 retail spaces, to Grupo Sigla, owner of several restaurants as Vips, Ginos or The Wok.

In 2013 Repsol YPF informed of its intention to leave the building to move to its current corporate headquarters “Campus Repsol”. Given the success of the previous commercialization, and in this case having changed the ownership of the building, we were one more time appointed to commercialize the office surface area that would be empty in a few months. Again, the commercialization was a success as we could match the departure of Repsol while leasing the office surface to the communication group Aegis Media.