Who we are

We aren an Independent Real Estate Brokers, with over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate market.

We offer a complete and taylor-made service, providing to our clients the necessary tools in the process, from the search of the product to putting the asset on the market, and provi- ding a solution for every need.


Offices, Retail, Hotels, Industrial Warehouses, Plot lands and Residential Assets

tcgi servicio profesional


Jaime Puelche socio de TC Gabinete Inmobiliario

Jaime Pueche


In 1994 begins his professional career in the real estate market as independent advisor, after working 8 years in the family business of purchase and sale of collection automobiles. Business Administration Technician by ICADE, he has developed his career as an independent professional for more than 20 years, advisoring real estate investment deals in plot lands, hotels and office buildings, in Spain and at international level in UK, Germany, or USA, among others.

Martín Perea socio de TC Gabinete Inmobiliario

Martín Perea


Graduated in Law, after passing through Banco Atlántico where he worked for 8 years in the International Division as Deputy General Counsel. In 1999 Martín Perea starts his proffesional career in the real estate market as Partner – Director of the Division of Agency and Investment in Gabinete Inmobiliario, S,A., where for 17 years he managed to positioned the company as one of the most important real estate agencies in Madrid, with significant investment and leasing transactions. Since 2016 he is one of the founder partners of TC Gabinete Inmobiliario.


Mariano Valcárcel director adjunto de TC Gabinete Inmobiliario

Mariano Valcárcel

Associate Director

Sergio Rodriguez responsable dto. agencia de oficinas TC Gabinete Inmobiliario

Sergio Rodriguez

Head of Agency Dept.

Ricardo Díaz responsable dto. de inversión TC Gabinete Inmobiliario

Ricardo Díaz

Head of Investment Dept.

Javier de la Fuente consultor senior dto. de inversión TC Gabinete Inmobiliario

Javier de la Fuente

Senior Investment Consultant

Raúl Alonso consultor senior TC Gabinete Inmobiliario

Raul Alonso

Agency Consultant

Jenny Pérez consultora dto. de inversión TC Gabinete Inmobiliario

Jenny Pérez

Investment Consultant